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Kniffel Yahtzee Online for Free


Kniffel is a more challenging variation of popular dice game Yahtzee or Kniffel. Kniffel uses 6 dice. The aim of the game is to collect maximum amount of points by throwing six dice. You can see different combinations of dice which score in the left side of the game window. You roll dice at most three times and to roll the dice, press the 'Roll' button. Prior to each subsequent roll you may choose to hold or release any combination of dice. You hold a die by clicking it with the mouse. You release a die by clicking it again. When pressing 'Roll', only dice that are not locked will be rolled again. Latest after the third roll, you must select which score you will mark by pushing score buttons. After scoring you will throw again.There are 52 different scores and the game is finished when all are marked.

Scoring You can score in any of the scoring buttons that are not already selected. The score is indicated as you move the mouse cursor over the button and those buttons which are not scoring for your throw are disabled. Once you click a button, your score is registered.

In the top section (first six rows) you get a bonus (35 points) in any of the four columns if your subtotal for that column is greater than or equal to 63. When selecting scores you have to proceed scoring in the first column from top to bottom. Second column is filled from bottom to top and forth can be filled in any order. Third column can be filled in any order but it will score only after the first throw. If you can't select any score which will give you points you have to mark zero to that scoring row of the first or second column which is next in turn or to any row of the third or fourth column.

Scores List of ten best scoring games is saved on the game server. You can browse this list selecting Scores. When your result is to be added to the list computer asks your name. Your may enter a nick name or whatever you want to use. You can select an individual game from the window to see the exact points in each combination

Network Scores Best results are saved on the game server. You can browse the list selecting Network Scores You can select an individual game from the window to see the exact results in each combination If a result from your computers Score list is better than 1250 it will be also saved to Network Scores

Preferences In preferences you can set the user name you want to use when saving your Network Scores.

Hints You should normally select combinations in 3rd column when possible. Try to proceed in 1st and 2nd column early. You shouldn't wait Kniffel in 2nd column too long, otherwise you may later may miss some other important points in 2nd column. Usually you should avoid marking fives, sixes and three of a kind in 4th column too early so you can mark them when trying four of a kind in 1st and 2nd column.


Kniffel is a more challenging variation of popular dice game Yahtzee or Kniffel. More information related to Yahtzee can be found Wikipedia

Kniffel is a Javascript application which is programmed using Java and the GWT toolkit. Server application of the game is Java application running in Google the App Engine.